Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lemon Cake Box Mix with a Bit of Jazz

I made this lemon cake from a box mix for July 4th. My hubby loves lemon cake! Actually, he just loves cake. Anyway, I did jazz the cake mix up a bit. I can never follow exact directions. Instead of water I use buttermilk. That makes any box cake mix so moist! Everyone will think you made it from scratch, trust me on this.

When I iced the cake I also used a pre-made icing. However, I decided to put some lemon curd in the center of the cake. It made it so very tasty and gave the cake such a burst of flavor! This cake turned out to be so moist and yummy that it actually split on me! You can see in the pics the earthquake it created. I was always told that a cake that falls or splits is usually a yummy cake and this cake proved that to be true.

Have a cakey day!!