Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fig Preserves

My sister-n-law, Jan who lives in Alabama has been putting up fig preserves most of the weekend. I just love fig preserves! Growing up my Aunt Lois and grandmother always made me several jars so I could eat them all year. They are so yummy on a homemade biscuit! In their memory I am sharing this wonderful recipe (which is a bit old-fashioned) for fig preserves. You can substitute Stevia if you want a sugar substitute version (thanks for tip Jan).

Aunt Lois’ Fig Preserves

This recipe is very old and gives me such fond memories of my favorite Aunt Lois who was married to a farmer. The directions are pretty short and sweet but they actually make a fantastic fig preserve!

Wash a dishpan full of fresh picked figs and layer with four pounds of sugar. Mix and set overnight. Cook real slow, stirring with a wooden spoon. Simmer all day and watch carefully. Mixture is done when foam forms at top. Remove immediately (or will scorch). Pour into canning jars and seal.


  1. I have never had fig preserves. My husband loves figs though so maybe I should look for some.

  2. I encourage anyone to make Fig Preserves. I'm making Mock Strawberry Fig Preserves, sugar free today and also Fig Preserves with Lemon, sugar free. My Mother and Grandmother made them every year for the family and now that they have gone home to the Lord, its my turn. I'm also dehydrating 12 cups of Figs to eat like candy. What good wholesome fun!