Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lettuce - Cleaning & Keeping Tips

I love lettuce and several varieties of it too! My family and I love to make salads for dinner. Anything from taco, chicken, steak, to small dinner salads. Let's face it; salad is a staple in my house.

Salad is wonderful if you have the right ingredients and your favorite dressings to boot. Lettuce is readily available and so easy to clean. I always purchase a head of green leaf lettuce and iceburg so that I can mix them up. I also buy Romaine and darker leaf lettuces on occassion. It just depends on what I am making for the week.

I have tried the pre-washed bag salad mixes and single bag varieties but honestly I do not like them. To me the lettuce doesn't have much taste and it doesn't keep very long in the bags they come in. If I have to purchase these I try and use it all immediately.

I just finished washing and spinning my lettuce that will keep for a week. I have iceburg and green leaf pictured below. I wash with really cold water and remove the core on both varieties. I use a salad spinner to spin the iceburg. I spin several times and then lay a paper towel on my counter or chopping board. I place the lettuce on top of the towel and let dry. Drying the lettuce is the key to keeping it longer in your refrigerator. I allow mine to dry for an hour or so. I repeat the process with the green leaf lettuce and allow it to dry also.

Once dried I then place the lettuce in a green vegetable bag keeper (I use separate bags for each variety of lettuce). First, I place a clean dry white paper towel in the bottom of the bag. This allows any moisture to be absorbed. Then I place all the lettuce in the bag and place in my refrigerator in the veggie keeper section. I used to use the plastic lettuce keepers but I simply don't have room for those in my refrigerator and find the lettuce does not keep as well for me. Now you are ready to fix a delicious salad any day of the week! Hope you find my tips helpful.

What better compliment to a salad than a big, red tomato!

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